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Formed in 2009 and is headed by a six member executive committee, with who manage the day to day operations and report into a general media forum on a monthly basis.
The main objectives of UMOA are:-
  • To create a non-Political forum for media owners in the Republic of Uganda.
  • To bring together media owners with the purpose of creating standards within the media industry.
  • To promote the interests of its members and to do all such lawful things as may be necessary to directly or indirectly protect the interest of its members.
  • To control debt levels by sharing debtor information and blacklisting agencies and clients with poor payment record.
  • Regularizing and setting joint standards for the media industry e.g. agency accreditation
  • Are you struggling to collect debts and running accounts at more than 180 days?
  • Are you paying the internationally recognized and accepted agency commissions?
  • Are you protected from Advertising agencies going into liquidation
  • Are you carrying ads booked as 30 seconds, but delivered as 45 or 60 seconds?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you need to consider joining UMOA!

How can your media benefit from joining UMOA?

Key Benefits
  • Power of numbers critical mass – no media can be bullied by advertisers
  • Protection from defaulting debtors and assistance in payment collection.
  • A forum to discuss and get assistance for all your possible problems related to your media.

    Membership fee is 2,000,000 shillings and Annual subscription is 1,750,000 shillings.
    For further details and clarifications please contact Evelyn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel: 0776 728 059


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Uganda Media Owners Association (UMOA)is an industry body that was formed to create standards within the industry. UMOA membership includes mainly owners and managers of print, radio and TV stations in Uganda, but is open to all media types and media owners.



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